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Meet Your Advocates


Heather Hiple

Heather is a Special Educator in a brick-and-mortar school. She grew up in and graduated from public school. She attended Ball State University and earned her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and her Master's Degree in Special Education. Heather has had a wide variety of teaching experiences from homeschooling, to teaching pre-school, to being an adjunct professor at a University, and everything in-between. Heather and her husband have three sons. They love family time and the outdoors.  

You can click here to read more about Heather.


Joshua Rich

Josh grew up in the public school system until 2nd grade when he started homeschooling. He went on to graduate with his Bachelor of Science degree focusing on E-Business and continued forward with his MBA. Josh and his wife currently homeschool their four children and have a passion for family and fun.

Developed by a brother and sister with deep roots in the education sector. "The focus of Enriched Education was to provide the best homeschool curriculum in the industry. Our goal has always been to provide a quality education through an enriched learning environment. However, Enriched Education quickly evolved into something beyond our imagination, reaching into the private and public school domain as well. We'd like to change the future of learning and we can't wait to partner with you. We hope you enjoy Enriched Education as much as we do!"

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