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Have you ever heard of Yellowstone? What about Glacier? Mammoth Cave? These are just three of more than four hundred national park sites in the United States and its territories. When you hear the word, “park”, you might think of playgrounds, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, pavilions, and pools. However, national parks are a bit different. While they may include some of those things, the main purpose of a national park is a bit different. A national park is an area of land that is designated for recreation or the preservation of history. Many different countries around the world have national parks. Most of them have the same goal - to preserve some form of nature, to protect the land, and to maintain its natural state.


This 20 lesson teacher's guide includes all you need to teach the daily group lessons for students K-8. Individualized academic lessons for specific age groups (pre-reader, early elementary, upper elementary, and middle school) are sold separately.

National Parks Teacher's Edition Digital Book

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