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Has anyone ever made you feel insignificant because you are young?  Have you ever felt powerless because you are a “kid”? Have there ever been times in your life where you wished you were older so you could do something you are not able to do now? It might be driving, making your own rules, or even skydiving.  Most kids would say that at one point or another they have felt powerless, insignificant, or not important just because they are not grown.  It can be a very frustrating and lonely feeling. In this unit, you are going to learn about kids, just like you, who felt powerless. These kids faced some very challenging life or death circumstances. They never gave up. They persevered and triumphed in spite of difficulty. They set a great example for other kids, like you!


This 20 lesson teacher's guide includes all you need to teach the daily group lessons for students K-8. Individualized academic lessons for specific age groups (pre-reader, early elementary, upper elementary, and middle school) are sold separately. 

Leadership Teacher's Edition Digital Book

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