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This complete literacy curriculum for pre-readers (and early or young struggling readers) consists of 35 weeks of lessons (over 1000 pages) that are simple and easy to follow. Each week, students are immersed in fun and engaging activities. These lessons are designed to build print awareness, print motivation, letter knowledge, vocabulary, phonics skills, writing skills, and narrative skills in children through repetition and engaging and fun lessons that utilize high-impact teaching strategies. This curriculum can be used as a stand-alone or incorporated into any of our unit studies or other curriculum. It's simple, clean, and user-friendly.


This zip file includes:


Blast Off! Teacher's Edition

Includes 35 weeks of 5 lessons each.

Appendix A

This appendix contains the "Letter Books" needed to complete all "A" lessons.

Appendix B1

This appendix contains the letter review activities needed to complete all "B" lessons.

Appendix B2

This appendix contains zip files with all of the Independent Readers.

Appendix C

This appendix contains the Letter Recognition Practice pages needed to complete all "C" lessons.

Appendix D

This appendix contains the Character Builders needed to complete all "D" lessons.

Appendix E

This appendix contains the poems and Venn Diagrams needed to complete all "E" lessons.

Appendix F

This appendix contains alphabet flashcards.

Appendix G

This appendix contains a bonus, optional writing curriculum complete with lesson plans, tips, posters, and themed writing prompts that pair with the weekly topics in our Blast Off! curriculum.

Appendix H

This appendix contains bonus, optional spelling practice pages that pair with the weekly topics, high-frequency words, and spelling words in our Blast Off! curriculum.


* This curriculum is a complete year-long literacy curriculum. I intentionally wrote it to be simple, low prep, inexpensive, and easy to follow WITHOUT sacrificing quality and rigor. I want you to see how easy it can be to homeschool. Take this year to get your footing, explore your child as a learner, and then adjust from there.


Thanks for choosing Enriched Education. It's time to blast off!


Blast Off to Reading! A Complete Literacy Curriculum for Pre-Readers

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