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This is no ordinary Thanksgiving unit. Sure, you've probably heard about the history of Thanksgiving...Pilgrims, Native Americans, corn...but this unit's not about those things. This unit is all about gratitude. Gratitude is "the state of being grateful, thankfulness." (Merriam-Webster).


In this unit, you'll learn all about gratitude - what it is, what it looks like, and how to better express it. Thanksgiving is typically the day that kicks off the holiday season in America, so what if this holiday season looked a little different? What if our focus was on all of the good things in life we already have instead of all the things we want? What if we took the time to recognize the many things we've been blessed with? How might this season look different if we approach it with...An Attitude of Gratitude?!

An Attitude of Gratitude Thanksgiving Edition 5 Day Unit

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