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Why a Standards-Based Curriculum?

People have varying opinions when it comes to homeschooling and state standards. Some want to steer clear of anything that remotely resembles public education.  Some like the comfort of knowing they are teaching the “right” things. We may go about educating our children in different ways, but we all want our kids to be prepared for the next steps in life. 

At EVE, we believe it is important for homeschooled children to be academically competitive with their public or private schooled peers. We use standards as a guide when we write our curriculum.  Each unit meets or exceeds the academic standards a like-aged peer may be mastering in a brick and mortar school.

Why is this important? Our kids aren’t going to live with us forever.  Sure, it’s hard to think about them growing up and moving out to experience their own adventures in life.  But we do them a disservice if we do not prepare them properly to tackle whatever comes their way when they do. 

When our kids leave us, they will most likely do one of three things.  They may further their education at college, they may enter the workforce, or they may enlist in the military.  Whatever path they choose, they will be entering the world outside of our homes and will be competing with their peers for spaces and jobs – spaces in the incoming Freshman class of a college, a job, or a space in the military.  We want to make sure that our students are well-prepared for post-high school life and are not “left in the dust” by the competition. If we want our kids to be leaders, problem solvers, and givers, we need to educate and train them with that end in mind.

Whether you are comfortable with a standards-based curriculum or you’d rather steer clear, EVE’s thematic units provide your child with a rigorous curriculum that challenges higher-level thinking skills that are vital for success in adult life.  Check us out.  You won’t be disappointed!

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