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We Love Anchor Charts!

We love anchor charts! Anchor charts are simple tools that help support instruction. Traditionally anchor charts have been created on poster board or chart paper and are displayed in the classroom. I’ve made digital copies of many anchor charts that parents and students can find on my website to use at home.

Anchor charts are appropriately named because they “anchor” or hold thoughts and ideas in one place. Students and teachers can refer to these charts throughout instruction. Anchor charts help students recall information

There are really no rules on how to create an anchor chart. These effective charts use colorful words and pictures. I make mine clean and simple, without a lot of distracting words or graphics. I use simple language, too, to make it easier for students to remember the information.

Anchor charts are usually made during the lesson with the parent and the student deciding what to include. This is a great strategy as the anchor chart is personalized and contains the information you’ve deemed important. I have a few anchor charts I’ve created that I recycle each year as well.

You can find several free anchor charts at! Print them and use them at home or use them as a guide to create your own!

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