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Vocabulary Instruction - The Key to Good Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary is an essential part of reading instruction. Children who have a rich vocabulary are better able to understand what they’ve read. They are more likely to grasp new concepts and grow academically. As students progress, they need to be exposed to new and more difficult vocabulary in order to be able to understand more advanced academic content.

There are many different ways to teach vocabulary but research would show that students need varied and repeated experiences to form the connections in their brain that are needed to store information. The beauty of homeschool is that you know your child best and you know how to present and teach that vocabulary.

Vocabulary does not need to be introduced during Language Arts lessons alone. Science and Social Studies lessons offer great opportunities to learn new and rich vocabulary.  Opportunities are abundant in music, art, and foreign language classes as well. 

Aside from the academic day, our kids have so many opportunities to learn new things and expand their vocabulary when they experience life with us through experiences and conversations. These are the opportunities we want to capitalize on and are the best way to grow our kids’ vocabulary. Day trips, extracurriculars, authentic learning experiences are all opportunities to grow our kids’ vocabulary and background knowledge of the world around them. 

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