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Venn Diagram - A Simple and Effective Graphic Organizer

A Venn Diagram is a classic graphic organizer that has been used in many industries for many years. Venn Diagrams are used for comparing and contrasting. They are great because they can be used in all content areas with all ages of students. 

Venn Diagrams consist of two (or more) overlapping circles. Each circle represents a concept or idea. Students write ideas unique to each individual concept in the outside portion of the circles – the portion not shared with another circle.

In the overlapping sections, ideas are written that are shared between the two concepts or ideas.  Students not only compare and contrast ideas but also look for relationships among the concepts listed (higher-level thinking).   

I like this color-coded version of the Venn Diagram. It is especially beneficial to kids who are just learning how to compare and contrast by helping them differentiate between the circles. You can download it for free here!


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