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High-Interest, Easy to Read Books for Your Pre-Reader

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The number one way to improve reading and reading comprehension is through reading. It's an inexpensive and simple way to help your young reader grow. The challenge comes in finding books that are interesting and appropriate for young readers who are still learning their letter sounds and high-frequency words. Kids want to be "big" and like the independence they feel when they can read a book independently. Stopping to ask an adult how to read various words on the page can also hinder fluency.

That's why I wrote this fun, full-color, high-interest set of Independent Readers. This set of 37 readers is progressive in that they start simple and gradually increase in difficulty.

I've included some very helpful features, too!

  • One new letter sound or phonics rule is added each week

  • Books are written with the first 100 Fry Words (3-5 words are added each week)

  • Difficult words your child may not know are printed in red

  • A list of letters and high-frequency words used in each book is included in each reader

  • Comprehension questions and extension activities based on the DOK wheel are included in the back of each book

These books are short and simple so your child can read them over and over to practice reading decoding, word recognition, and reading with expression.

Best of all, your child will grow in confidence as he or she becomes a more fluent reader. By the end of this series of 35+ readers, students should be able to read every word in every book independently. Confident readers grow into avid readers!

You can purchase this set of Independent Readers today for only $7.00. Click the link below to purchase yours today!

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