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Blast Off! A Complete Literacy Curriculum for Pre-Readers

Welcome to Blast Off! I'm very excited to partner with you in your homeschool adventure. First things first - I'd like to encourage you. You've made the very important decision to homeschool your child. I'm sure you are experiencing a mix of excitement, apprehension, hope, and many other emotions that may be difficult to process through right now. It gets better and you will gain confidence! I hope you find a bit of comfort in the fact that I wrote this curriculum with YOU in mind! You have a tremendous opportunity in front of you to individualize your child's education and lay a strong academic foundation. Take a deep breath...I've got your back in this! You've got this!

This curriculum is a complete year-long literacy curriculum. I intentionally wrote it to be simple, low prep, inexpensive, and easy to follow WITHOUT sacrificing quality and rigor. I want you to see how easy it can be to homeschool. Take this year to get your footing, explore your child as a learner, and then adjust from there.

I included high-impact instructional strategies in this curriculum because I understand the importance of building a strong academic foundation. My best advice to you is to INDIVIDUALIZE based on the needs of your learner! Don't feel like you have to teach everything included - I'm a hopeless over-planner so I have provided you with plenty to do. (Of course, you can teach everything included if you'd like!) If your child needs some extra time, feel free to slow it down a bit. If your child excels, speed it up. You may even find there are times when you need to slow down and other times when you can fly right through!

Looking at a new curriculum can be overwhelming at first. Start with the Teacher's Edition. I've laid out each daily lesson in an easy-to-follow format. I've also included almost everything you'll need for this year in this curriculum package.

I love to hear from my partners in education (that's you)! If you have questions, concerns, or just need some encouragement, you can email me at You can also tag me on social media on Facebook at Teach Eve and on Instagram at Enriched Education - Eve to showcase your child's effort, growth, and stellar performance throughout the year.

Thanks for choosing Enriched Education! It's time to blast off!

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