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A+ Interactive Math Review

Looking for a solid and reliable math curriculum? A+ Interactive Math just might be your answer! As a classroom teacher and curriculum writer, I am always looking for quality educational programs. A+ Interactive Math more than delivers! This is a complete math program that allows students to work at their own pace. I’m often hearing from parents that they struggle to teach math effectively. A+ Interactive Math eliminates that struggle – they provide clear and accurate explanations of simple to advanced math concepts.  Explanations can be viewed multiple times (guys...they even have Algebra!).

This online math program is simple to learn and easy to use. If your child struggles with a math concept or needs extra practice, they can repeat lessons or complete the provided digital worksheets.

As an educator, I absolutely love all of the data they provide. Research shows that data-driven decisions are the best decisions – with the data provided, you will know exactly which lessons have been completed as well as which lessons have yet to be finished. They’ve got thorough progress reports so you will know exactly how your child performed in each lesson, interactive Q and A (think quiz), worksheet, and exam.  They even provide Certificates of Accomplishment to help motivate your learner.

Best of all, they’ve even given us a discount code to pass along to our homeschool partners!  Just use the code teacheve to get 20% off! Visit to learn more and to sign up! It just might be a good companion to our units!

*Bonus – they’ve got freebies!!!

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