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Homeschool Curriculum

Your Journey is Simple

Your journey with Enriched Education is simple. We believe we have the best unit study program in the industry. Once you choose your unit study, you'll have access to everything you need! You will be immersed in studies designed to teach your student(s) a variety of engaging and relevant topics.

Our unit studies are designed to cover phonics for younger learners, reading, writing, language arts, science, social studies (geography, history, government), and character education. We understand the importance of academics and preparing our learners to be leaders, givers, and problem solvers. 
With our unit studies, subjects are not necessarily taught in isolation but, when possible, are combined in engaging cross-curricular lessons. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and mastery of academic content through project-based assessments which eliminate the need for excessive testing. Our units connect the learner to real-world experiences and skills, helping to prepare them for the next step, whatever that may be.
Daily lessons start with the Teacher’s Edition and are focused on one central theme. All ages of learners, K-8, are involved in these engaging and fun whole-group lessons...working, learning, and collaborating together to achieve a common goal through various authentic, hands-on learning experiences that captivate student interest. These whole-group lessons are geared toward all types of learners and offer the flexibility to individualize the learning experience to fit individual learning needs. 
Following the whole-group lessons, students work on individual age-appropriate academic content that is tied to the whole-group lessons. These lessons are designed to build a strong educational foundation through fun and engaging lessons. 

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